Badlands (Digital Download)

Badlands (Digital Download)

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"Badlands is a hearty Blues Rock album that's gleaming with gems.  

If you're hearing Lyn for the first time, the refined rhythm of opener 'Burned It Down' serves as the perfect hors d' oeuvre for the sumptuous banquet that lies ahead. This tune's flowing quality brings to life all the elements that make Lyn such an enduring prospect, like the classy rasp of her vocals and the simplicity of her guitar playing. The same vibe extends to the title track which stomps along nicely with an elegant funky riff. 'Muddy Water' heads down a slight Gospel/Bluegrass route with generous helpings of old-school slid before she unleashes her inner rocker with the hard-nosed 'Anything But Me'. It's soon back to mainstream Blues for 'I'm Running To You' and 'West to Bismarck', and these two songs once again highlight her imposing and distinctive vocal delivery.

The closer 'Goodnight Sweet Darling' took me straight back to that classic early Heart sound with its acoustic-led, mystical gypsy vibe. It's hands down the crowning glory on one of the most honest albums you'll hear all year." - Brian Boyle, Fireworks Rock Metal Magazine 

Download includes a magical zip file full of delight! 

  • 10 fully-mastered songs
  • WAV files
  • MP3 files
  • Cover Art
  • Digital booklet with lyrics
  • Lots of awesomeness!

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